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Week of Thrifting: accessories

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Hi Hunnies! 

There is nothing new about style, it is always a trend from years past that has come back around. That is why thrifting is the absolute best.  I shot a few looks on how you can style second hand items to breathe new life into them.  In today's look I focused on accessories. I picked up this baker boy hat for $3.00 and it looks almost identical a black one from H&M.   Black belts with gold or silver hardware are an amazing staple to have in your closet to pair with high waisted jeans  or cinch a flowy dress at the waist. We've all seen the black and gold Gucci belt that it seems every blogger has. I achieved a similar look with this one I  snagged a few months back for $2.00. And how cool is that chain detail? Anyway,  I thought I'd share a few tips and tricks on where I go to thrift/ how I sort through thousands of items.

1. Shop at smaller local thrift stores

Smaller local thrift stores are my favorite places to thrift.  Although you can find gems at big thrift stores like Salvation Army and Volunteers of America, I often get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items they have. I've found at a smaller store, they tend to carry items that are actually years old instead of a Charlotte Russe top that was thrown into a giveaway pile.  

2. Don't forget about the accessories

I rarely have the the patience to sort through the racks and racks of clothes, so for the most part I narrow my search to accessories. The majority of the bags and belts in my closet came from thrift stores. In this look alone, my hat, earrings, bag, and belt were all thrifted!! Also, I've found the cutest handkerchief scarves at thrift stores. 

3. Go in with a plan

If you want to hit up the bigger thrift stores, enter with a plan.  At Salvation I check out the bags, belts, sweaters, denim, and blouses. I occasionally check out skirts, dresses, and men's t-shirts. Because everything is organized by color, I only go to sections of colors I typically wear. This cuts the selection at least by half.  Also, keep in mind items you have been wanting to purchase. For example, I live and die by my black turtleneck and have been wanting some other colors. While I was at SA the other day I came across a brownish orange color perfect for my neutral collection. And it was only 99 cents. Like, come on!! You can’t beat that.

More thrifting posts coming this week :) Thanks for stopping by friends!!! 



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