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Cozy Sweaters for Winter? Groundbreaking.

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Hi Hunnies,

I’ve been talking with my friend, Molly, this winter about feeling down during this dark and cold season. I wrote a post about this last year, but I introduced her to the idea of “hygge” (Danish idea that the winter is time for COZY). This idea has completely changed my outlook on winter. Basically, winter is time for blankets, cuddling, candles, reading, indoor activities; things you wouldn’t normally do in the hot months. Something you can only truly enjoy in fall/winter are CHUNKY ASS SWEATERS. You can’t argue, big sweaters just feel so RIGHT during the winter. I’ve leaned so hard into this this winter (literally only wear oversized sweaters to work…oops). I’ve curated a collection of comfy sweaters that are bound to make the next few months just a little bit cozier

xx Kat

Outfit Details

cozy sweater style picks - under $60

Teddy Bear & Socks Booties

meowtfit of the day, styleKat Crowley

Hi Hunnies!

If I were to explain my go to look for fall to y’all, it would be some variation of this outfit. I LOVE a pullover sweater paired with a comfortable denim with a fun boot and a coat on top. For this look, I went with a mockneck H&M sweater (from last year, but I linked a similar option below). This pair of Free People denim has been a favorite this year. They are nice and snug on my bootie but have a straight fit through the leg and a raw hem. I needed to hop on the teddy bear coat wag and found this steal on Amazon. Clocking in at $32.99 it definitely was the most affordable option I found. Is the quality the best? Not particularly. But it gets the job done and is surprisingly warm!! The sock booties I’m wearing I picked up at Target on clearance for $18.98!! They are still full price online, but it’s definitely worth looking at your local store to see if they’re on sale.

I can’t finish this post without talking the beautiful fall leaves here in MI! They are in their prime right now, so if you are planning any fall photo shoots with your family or significant others, definitely do them this week!! One more windy day or storm and they will all be down for the season.

As always, everything I’m wearing is linked below!

xx Kat