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Favorite Who What Wear Collection Dress- Fall

styleKat Crowley

Hi Hunnies,

It’s Kat and welcome back to my blog! lol. So last week Adam invited ME to go to Target with him. It was so cute. He was like, “Hunnie, would you maybe want to go to Target with me”? I’m not sure if I ever loved him more than in that moment. I actively try to avoid Target for my bank account’s sake, but if Adam wants to go, I’M IN. We went in with a clear plan: get Adam some Magic cards (nerd alert) and mouthwash. Spoiler alert: I didn’t follow this plan once I stepped into the holy land.

I immediately b-lined it to the Who What Wear Collection section. Also real quick, side note, I absolutely love the complete overhaul Target has done to their visual merchandising. It’s so good. Anyhoo, I found a rack of black and white midi length dresses and immediately became SAD because I wanted them all. One of my favorite dresses of literally all time is Who What Wear from last fall, blog post on it here. The dresses I found (and the one I’m wearing in the photos below) is an updated version of that dress. I love them all so much because 1. black and white is so classic 2. since it’s midi, it’s appropriate to wear to family holidays, work, church, etc 3. can be styled in many different ways 4. great for layering!! I love to throw a blazer, chunky cardigan, or pullover sweater over.

How to Style

Here I paired this long sleeve midi with a Unique 21 blazer that I belted at the waist. I LOVE to belt things. I will literally throw a belt on anything. I just love a cinched waist, ok!?! I had just scooped these Shein mules because I’ll never have enough mules and the heel on them is SO COOL and different. You can easily pair some suede over the knee boots (linked my favorite pair below) with this length of dress for all you ladies living in cold temperatures. I also love the idea of wearing a sheer black stocking with some heeled ankle boots (also linked an option below). If you’re going to be scooting around work and don’t want to mess with a heel, a pointed black flat would look tres chic. For accessories, I paired a black beret with this look. A wide brim hat would also look bomb! Any bag you want to wear would go well. I recommend a bucket bag or a little leather waist fanny if you’re feeling trendy.

I hope you enjoyed, shop everything I mentioned below!!

xx Kat

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Teddy Bear & Socks Booties

meowtfit of the day, styleKat Crowley

Hi Hunnies!

If I were to explain my go to look for fall to y’all, it would be some variation of this outfit. I LOVE a pullover sweater paired with a comfortable denim with a fun boot and a coat on top. For this look, I went with a mockneck H&M sweater (from last year, but I linked a similar option below). This pair of Free People denim has been a favorite this year. They are nice and snug on my bootie but have a straight fit through the leg and a raw hem. I needed to hop on the teddy bear coat wag and found this steal on Amazon. Clocking in at $32.99 it definitely was the most affordable option I found. Is the quality the best? Not particularly. But it gets the job done and is surprisingly warm!! The sock booties I’m wearing I picked up at Target on clearance for $18.98!! They are still full price online, but it’s definitely worth looking at your local store to see if they’re on sale.

I can’t finish this post without talking the beautiful fall leaves here in MI! They are in their prime right now, so if you are planning any fall photo shoots with your family or significant others, definitely do them this week!! One more windy day or storm and they will all be down for the season.

As always, everything I’m wearing is linked below!

xx Kat

How to Style a Slip Dress for Fall

styleKat Crowley

Hi Hunnies!

One of the hardest parts about the temperature dropping in fall is coming to peace with the idea that I have to put away all of my summer clothes. And those poor babies will sit in bins until May AT LEAST. I was very into slip dresses this past season and thought I would pass along how I take a summery slip dress and style it for fall temperatures. There is only one step. Here it is: LAYER. It’s all in the layering. I took this gorgeous floral, asymmetrical slip dress and layered a lace turtleneck underneath then popped a leather jacket on top. I finished off the look with some over the knee boots, because NOBODY wants to see my legs after September. No shave fall/winter amirite??! For a more work friendly look just switch out the sheer lace with a black turtleneck or throw a chunky pullover sweater on top of the slip dress and it will look like a chic midi skirt. You could definitely pair a slip dress in the fall with some Doc Marten style boots to dress down or some heeled booties for a night ~ out ~.

Outfit from Bella Mia

Dress: BB Dakota | Lace Turtleneck: Free People | Leather Jacket: Kut from the Kloth

Mention my name in store to receive 15% off your entire purchase! okuuurrr

P.S. I was doing some research on the BB Dakota RSVP dress I’m wearing in these photos and its $105 on Shopbop, and only $86 at Bella Mia!! AND you can save an additional $13 when you use my code in store. That’s such a good deal, it’s criminal.