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4 Ways to Style Your Neck Scarf

Kat Crowley

Hi Hunnies!! 

I have been obsessing over neck scarves for the past few weeks and thought I'd share a couple of my favorite ways to style them. I picked up this little red number from Forever 21 for $3.00. Scroll to the bottom for some affordable neck scarves :) Thanks for stopping by !!

xx Kat

Tie Front 

This is my go-to scarf style. You can throw on a little square neck scarf over a t-shirt to instantly elevate your look. It has a little bit of of girl scout vibes, but I'm into it. If the scarf is long enough you can double it around your neck then tie it for a little more of a flight attendant feel. To achieve this just fold your square scarf in half so it makes a triangle then fold it in two inch folds. It doesn't have to be perfect, sometimes I just roll the scarf up. 

Tie Back

This style is very similar to the "tie front" look except, you guessed it, you tie the scarf in the back instead of the front. You can pull the corner down for a bandana effect (like I did here) or keep it with a clean fold for a more polished look. 

Bag detail

Bags with ring detail have been so big for the past year or so thanks to Chloé's Faye bag. One way to add your own personal style is to tie your fave neck scarf around the handle or ring. I added it to my Who What Wear bag above and love how it looks. 

around your pony

I would say this has been the most popular way to style a scarf this season. Simply throw your hair into a pony or half pony then knot the scarf around your pony tail holder. I like this style with a slightly longer scarf so it falls longer than your hair. 

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