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Into It or Over It

styleKat Crowley

Cult Gaia "Ark" Bag

Ok we've all seen this bag. Its been on the arm of soooo many bloggers since last summer. At first I was totally in love but as more and more dupes popped up it has become completely overplayed. I think it's a gorgeous design but because SO many influencers wear it, it somehow isn't special anymore to me.

Bottom Line: I'm over it

Western Boots

With the recent start of festival season, I'm seeing a whole crop of new trends pop up. One in particular is the cowboy boot "trend". I put that in quotes because if you live in the south you are probably like excuse me? I'm actually so into this because a) i love boots and b) I totally have a pair I purchased to go see Hannah Montana at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in 2008 that need to come out of retirement. 

Bottom Line: I'm Into it 

Gucci Double g Belt

I can't keep it in I'M SO OVER THIS BELT. It seems like every blogger on God's green Earth has this exact version.  I personally can't justify (at this point in my life) spending $450 on a belt when I could get a black belt with gold detailing from ASOS for $15.00. 

Bottom Line: I'm over it

Dad Shoes

Ok so I know what' you're thinking. These are ugly AF. BUT I've actually seen some bloggers style them in a cute way that works. I don't personally think I could pull them off and if I tried I would look like a total goon. My little sister (who is v cool) told me she bought  Sketcher's (yes, Sketchers) the other day that look v similar to these. Maybe they are cool? I'll keep you posted lol 

Bottom Line: I'm Not sure about it

Tiny Sunglasses

If you've been following any celebrities for the past year you have seen this itty bitty 90's-esque sunglasses. I bought a pair I may bring out from time to time if I'm feely sassy, but I don't think this trend will last. If you are thinking about getting a pair, I wouldn't splurge. I've linked some options $20 and under below :) 

Bottom Line: I'm into it for now