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denim for every budget

Kat Crowley

Hey y'all! 

Ok so I recently went to put on some jeans and had a very hard time zipping them up.  Apparently when you get your anxiety under control and eat Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches and a donut every morning, your ass gets exponentially bigger. GO FIGURE. (Actually not complaining at all, I've been trying to gain weight for a long time. More on that another time).

Now that I've outgrown all my jeans I'm in the market for some new denim. While I've heard what brands my friends and bloggers like, you never really know until you try them on. I decided to head to my local mall and try on 10 pairs of jeans at 10 different price points and see what works the best on my body. 

I was looking for a skinny jean with a mid to high rise waist.  I'm a tad picky when it comes to skinny jeans. I look for 1) how the knees fit  2)the butt to waist ratio and 3) how the crotch looks when you sit down. 

  1. The knees need to be snug. I have no idea why, but if the knees fit loosely it drives me nuts! 
  2. One of the hardest things to find in denim is a pair that fits both your waist and your behind. I'm looking for any gapping in the waist or sagging in the butt. 
  3. There is nothing worse than sitting down and an absurd amount of fabric pooling at your crotch. 

Enjoy babes and happy shopping!!

Thanks for stopping by! 


High-Rise skinny jeans


Size: 27

Clocking in at the cheapest pair I could find, these Forever 21 jeans are all wrong. The thinnest material I've ever felt, gapping at the waist, and a super loose crotch. They might be affordable but they are not worth your money. 

Bottom line: I wouldn't buy these 

skinny high ankle jeans


Size: 27

While these may be called "skinny" jeans they fit me a little bit more straight. H&M does carry a super skinny version that wasn't available at my H&M. You can find them here. I did really like the back pocket size on these as well as the crotch situation. Knees and ankles were loose but overall I liked these jeans! They wouldn't be my ride or die skinny jeans but...

Bottom Line: I would buy these 

Super Hi-Rise Jegging


Size: 0

These jeans are SUPER comfortable but unfortunately really loose in the knees. I liked the fit in the waist and butt, but because of the knees for me its a no. 


Bottom line: I wouldn't buy these

Oregon Perfect Fit Jegging


Size: 25 

I've had success with Pacsun's Mom Jeans so I thought I would give their skinny jeans a go. I'm not a huge jegging person as I feel they stretch out quickly. The waist in these had some gapping as well as the knees. The back pockets were also a little small for my liking. 

Bottom line: I wouldn't buy these 

Jamie High Waist Cropped Skinny Jeans


Size 26

I. LOVE. THESE. JEANS. The waist is perfect, they have tons of different washes available, and the knees and crotch are good! You can purchase them in Nordstrom or directly through Topshop. They are supposed to be cropped but fit like a regular cut on me. If you are petite, order the 26x28 opposed to the 26x30. They are also available in a longer length as well. I've had a pair of these since 2015 and they still look really good. 

Bottom line: Hell yeah I would buy these 

High Rise Busted Skinny 


Size 26

I would surprisingly pleased with these jeans! I like the overall fit but the ankle opening is very tiny. If you have bigger feet I'm not sure you would be able to get your feet through. Also, I tried on size 26 and 27 and the 27 fit tighter? So there might be little difference between the sizes. 

Bottom line: I would buy these 

720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans


Size: 26x30

This is Levi's newest fit and I liked it ok! Not my favorite of the day, a bit loose in the knees. These are available in a ton of different washes. I wish I tried on a few other skinny pairs as well. 


Bottom line: I like them but not for $89.50


Hoxton High Waist Ankle Ultra Skinny Jeans


Size 25

I liked this pair ok - they weren't exactly what I was looking for since they are cropped (but they were the only Paige jeans Nordstrom had in my size). I wouldn't mind the crop in the summer with some cute sandals or flats but for winter these aren't doing much for me. They were super comfortable but for the price tag these are a no. 

Bottom line: I wouldn't buy these. 

rag & bone

High Waist Skinny Jean


Size 27

While I could definitely see an upgrade in the quality of fabric with the higher price point, these were not my favorite pair of the day. They are really long and I'm not one to spend over $200 on jeans then get them hemmed. The crotch situation was also not favorable. 

Bottom line: I would not buy these 


The Farrah High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans


Size 25

Rounding out my try-on sesh is this pair of AG jeans. I overall liked this pair and could tell they are going to last a long time. Would I buy a pair of denim at $225.00 in my current financial situation? NOPE. But in the future I would for sure invest in a pair of AG jeans. 

Bottom line: I would buy these in the future.